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R&D Building #1

In May 2007, this building was added to Hacettepe Teknokent after a court decision and enforcement proceedings. It was opened to occupation in July 2007.

Construction Date: 2005

Opening Date: July 1, 2007

Total Area: 4,500 m²

Office Count: 25

Construction of R&D Building #1, which began in May 2005, was undertaken through the Revenue Sharing Model. After some legal problems with the construction contractor Microdis, Inc., the building was surrendered to Hacettepe Teknokent through a court decision in May 2007. The R&D building was opened to occupation by R&D and software companies in July 2007, and the official opening ceremony was held on February 28, 2008.

R&D Building #3

Date of Construction: June 2006

Opening Date: September 2006

Indoor Area: 1,800 m²

Office Count: 24

The construction of R&D Building #3 (the name of the building, which was previously known as the Incubation Center, was changed to R&D Building #3 in 2008), began in June 2006 using Hacettepe Teknokent’s own resources, and completed in 90 days. Since then, it has been open to occupation by various firms.

R&D Building #4

Construction Date: August 2012

Opening Date: May 2013

Indoor Area: 6,275 m²

Office Count: 47

Starting in May 2013, the R&D Building #4 (also known as the Incubation Center Administrative Annex)—which began construction in August 2012—has been available for occupation.

R&D Building #5

This building, which is situated on approximately 5,000 m² of land, is located on the north side of parcel 41 of Hacettepe University’s Beytepe Campus Teknokent. The footprint of the building, which is comprised of a basement, ground floor, and five additional floors, is 1100 m². The total area of the office building is approximately 6800 m².

R&D Building #6

Comprised of four separate buildings with a total area of 45,000 m²:





Artron R&D Building (R&D Building #7)

The building is owned by Hacettepe University and has a indoor area of 1,050 m².

The 7.Ar-Ge building was rented to ARTRON TASARIM ÜRETİM ELEKTRONİK TİC. A.Ş. until March 2026.

BTK Market Surveillance Laboratory

Date of Construction: October 2004

Opening Date: December 2004

Indoor Area: 3,760 m²

Lease Ends: October 2024

The Hacettepe Teknokent Information Technologies and Communications Corporation’s Market Surveillance Laboratory tests communication devices and certifies of their conformity to established standards.

The construction of the Market Surveillance Laboratory Building was started in October 2004 using the Build/Transfer/Operate model. The Telecommunications Corporation (its name was changed to the Information Technologies and Communications Corporation in 2009) was completed and opened to service in December 2004. Market surveillance activities are conducted at the Market Surveillance Lab, in particular the testing, measurement and certification of all wire and wireless electronic communication equipment imported to, or produced in, Turkey.


In 2010, IL-KO Research and Development Center, Inc. and Hacettepe University Technology Development Zone agreed to construct the Drug Research Incubation Center and Administrative Building, a five-story structure with a total area of 2,506 m². The building was opened to occupation in 2011.

IL-KO Research and Development Center, Inc. conducts R&D studies on medicine and vaccinations at Hacettepe Teknokent.

KIK e-Tender Service Building

In 2010, Hacettepe University Technology Development Zone and a contracting firm signed an agreement to build a five-story structure, with a total indoor area of 3,335 m², on behalf of KIK R&D. The building was opened for use on August 1, 2011.

The contract for the implementation of the EKAP Project, conducted by the Public Procurement Authority at Hacettepe Teknokent, was signed with the Public Procurement Authority on January 25, 2011. Pursuant to Article 53 of the 4734 Public Procurement Law, an Electronic Public Procurement Platform (ECAP) was created at Hacettepe University’s Technology Development Zone to engage in “e-Procurement” software development and to work on the establishment of a “call center.”

KOSGEB Hacettepe TEKMER Building

Date of Construction: March 2005

Opening Date: November 2005

Indoor Area: 2,200 m²

Number of Halls: 32

KOSGEB Technology Development Center (KOSGEB Hacettepe TEKMER) Building, which is located in Hacettepe University’s Technology Development Zone, was opened in November 2005. Its purpose is to support, through grants, new and/or innovative ideas and R&D projects, especially by recent graduates, academics, SMEs, industrialists, and entrepreneurs.

Self-Sufficient Building

The footprint of the building is approximately 800 m². Building 1 is an office building of approximately 3200 m², consisting of a basement, a ground floor, 2 floors, and a terrace floor. The floor-to-floor heights are 430 cm.

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